Test And Inspection

Electrical Testing and Inspections
We offer a full range of test and inspection solutions to the domestic and commercial sectors, the type of test or inspection will depend on your individual needs, one of our Amped advisor’s will recommend the most suited test or inspection for you.

Domestic Testing
An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), or periodic inspections are used to asses the condition of the electrical wiring and connections within a property. It will also highlight any safety concerns, current faults and possible problems that could occur in the future. The periodic inspections are especially important if you are a landlord, as any unsafe electrics could cause harm to your tenants resulting in you the landlord or management company being held responsible.
Think of an EICR as an MOT for your home, we will test it to ensure it complies with the current regulations and give you a report highlighting any potential problems and any concerns we may have. A EICR is a thorough examination of your electrical installation, it normally takes between 3 hours for a 1 bedroom property and a full day for larger properties. For most of the testing procedure the power will be off and all appliances and accessories, i.e. TVs and computers will need to be unplugged to ensure they are unaffected by any of the tests being preformed.

Commercial Testing
Electrical Installation condition reports are equally important in the workplace, as the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 states. Getting your office tested on a regular basis ensures a safe working environment for your employees, it can also highlight potential faults before they occur saving you down time and money. Commercial Testing can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the size and scope of circuits tested.

Thermographic Imaging

Another service we offer is thermographic imaging, this is a very effective method of planned preventative maintenance that can find weak points in your electrical installation that traditional testing may not pick up on. These weak points can then be addressed before they go into a fault condition, saving you time and money. A thermographic imaging survey will come with a full print off of any concerns we may have as well as a full report on our findings to put your mind at ease.